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Make a Difference on Your Campus with College Student Insurance

You’ve told us that managing crisis situations and mental health on campus is a major concern. Our new 24-Hour Student AD&D Insurance Coverage provides an industry-leading combination of benefits for accidental death, accidental dismemberment, paralysis, and crisis management expenses.


How A-G Specialty Insurance’s new 24-Hour Student AD&D Insurance works

This unique AD&D Insurance plan from A-G Specialty Insurance not only provides a lump sum indemnity benefit in the event of a student death (including those resulting from suicide, intoxication, or otherwise under the influence) or accident resulting in dismemberment or paralysis, but it goes even further to help you with crisis management expenses surrounding such an event or any act of violence whether on campus or away from it.

Financial protection

This insurance protects students and/or student-athletes from the financial risk of permanent injury or fatality, which can run into many tens of thousands of dollars.

The crisis management benefit difference

This crisis management benefit addresses mental health concerns raised by colleges all across the country. It could be used for a student who witnessed or was involved in a tragedy, such as a shooting, or a covered student who committed suicide. Or it could be someone who is the victim of a violent act. This benefit provides students and families affected by the incident with the resources needed to manage the crisis, including mental health counseling, associated travel expenses, and flexibility for the institution to work with us in determining other possible qualified expenses.

You get the flexibility to decide how to use the crisis management benefit. For instance, you could choose to cover the cost of:

  • Counseling for 10 close friends of a student who committed suicide
  • Counseling & medical expenses for a student who witnessed or was hurt in a violent act
  • Expenses for parents or immediate family members, including travel, housing, and meals

However you choose to use these benefits, you’ll be making an important commitment to helping address this critical campus concern.

Build your school’s personalized plan

Working with your A-G Specialty Insurance team, we’ll help you build the plan that makes sense for your school’s needs.

Who to cover:

You choose whether to cover:

  • All full-time enrolled students
  • Student-athletes only

How much coverage:

You choose benefit amounts for:

  • Accidental death, dismemberment & paralysis: $25,000 or $50,000
  • Aggregate benefit maximum: $250,000 or $500,000
  • Crisis management benefits: up to $25,000 or $50,000 per covered accident (benefit matches the AD&D benefit level you choose)
    • You have flexibility in determining the resources needed to ensure students or families in crisis get the help they need.

A smiling college student standing in a library is protected by 24-hour AD&D insurance.

When your school partners with A-G Specialty Insurance, you get:

You’ll have access to our proprietary Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource (EGBAR) claims system. You can view overall claims history, generate reports for comprehensive risk management strategies, or check on the status of a specific claim in real time. It’s all part of partnering with the undisputed industry leader in college athlete insurance, trusted by more than 650 colleges and universities.

You’ll also receive:

  • Unsurpassed personal attention and professional service
  • Industry-leading value and cost savings
  • Superior technology in our products, services, and guidance

You told us managing crisis situations on campus is a major concern, and we listened—with 24-Hour AD&D insurance for colleges that includes these vital benefits along with financial protection for permanent injury or fatality. We look forward to providing you with a quote and helping you address these critical campus and student risks.

Speak to one of our experienced staff members to determine the right college student insurance solution for your school, or explore the specific insurance solutions we have for intercollegiate athletics programs below.


A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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