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College men’s lacrosse players huddle up to celebrate their win. Keeping student-athletes and your program in good physical and fiscal health is a big responsibility at a Division 1 school, where athletics play a prominent role in an institution’s reputation and brand. Having solid accident insurance can go a long way toward achieving that goal. That’s where A-G Specialty Insurance comes in, with customized plans and risk management solutions that help you control—and even lower—claims and premium costs.

What Your D1 School Can Expect When A-G Is Part of the Team

D1 schools are known as the best colleges for sports. They offer at least 14 or 16 sports, depending on their subdivision, and as many as 24. With this many student-athletes, the financial impact of injuries can be staggering. Injuries can also have a less obvious but just as monumental impact on an athletic trainer’s time: Handling the claims takes you away from taking care of your athletes.

With A-G on your team, an injury’s financial and time-drain factors can be greatly reduced and potentially even eliminated. Watch how these schools have achieved greatness with A-G—and how you can, too.


Here’s What A-G Student-Athlete Insurance Brings to the Team:

Reduced financial burdens. There are two important facts to consider about the cost of sports injuries and insurance:

  1. Primary health insurance plans have deductibles and copayments that must be handled first before full coverage kicks in. For 2024, that amount is $18,900 for a family.
  2. Through the NCAA, injuries are covered by its catastrophic plan, but that doesn’t kick in until expenses reach $90,000.

An injured student-athlete and their family may need to cover tens of thousands of dollars of medical expenses before either plan kicks in. An A-G accident insurance plan can help by covering the out-of-pocket costs so the player and family won’t have to.

Lowered claim costs. Through our more than 40 national provider networks, we can negotiate claims and maximize discounts so that you and the student-athletes get the best possible outcomes.

A softball catcher gets ready for a pitch as the batter prepares to bunt. Lowered premium costs. When we can negotiate lower claims through our provider networks, this reduces a program’s financial risk, and we can ultimately reflect that risk reduction with lower premium costs. Download this case study to see how a D1 college reduced its sports accident claims payments by 50%.

Risk management. A student-athlete’s performance doesn’t depend on luck. Neither should their health and safety. A-G gives your team access to extensive risk management research and relevant partnerships, such as:

  • USCAH Institution Risk Assessment
  • Cardiac Screening
  • And more

A player dribbles a basketball on the court during a college game. Paperwork elimination. You can get the paperwork off your desk and the emails out of your inbox because EGBAR, A-G’s fully digital claims management technology, handles everything for you. You get the time back to do your real job, and what is more important than that?

Develop a Game Plan with A-G

At A-G, more than 725 colleges and universities across the country, including 50% of D1 schools, trust us with the health and finances of their student-athletes and programs through our sports accident health insurance for college athletes partnership. When you’re a partner, you’ll have access to the same options for customized plans, risk management, claims administration, cost control, and more that can make a real difference for your school.

Request a no-obligation quote today so that we can provide more details about our program and how we can help you. We think you’ll find that when you team up with A-G, it’s a win-win for everyone: student-athletes, families, the program, and the school. (And don’t forget to read this case study about how a D1 school saved 50% on costs.)


A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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