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As a broker or insurance agent, you probably hear complaints about your clients’ insurance pain points more than you hear good things about the coverage. The culprit is usually a frustrating claims process.

This is especially true with intercollegiate sports clients where the school’s athletic trainer often ends up being the one doing the claims management for injured athletes. That’s because colleagues often feel anything having to do with medical care—like claims and paperwork—falls into the trainer’s jurisdiction.

Insurance claims can be messy, complicated, costly, and even wrong. It may not surprise you to learn that 72% of consumers have received a medical bill they didn’t understand, and 94% have received a medical bill they believed was “too expensive.” Factor in the time needed to ask questions and get answers about many injured athletes—while working in a busy sports program—and you can see why claims management has a bad reputation.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your school clients’ claims management pain—EGBAR from A-G Specialty Insurance.

Injury Claims Management Made Effortless With EGBAR

EGBAR: Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource

A-G Specialty Insurance EGBAR software screenshot to “Add Claim” screen.When your clients have a sports accident program with AG-Administrators, they’ll first appreciate the solid coverage that helps protect student-athletes and their families from out-of-pocket medical expenses and the school from exposure to litigation. That’s important because deductibles can average an unexpected $1,600—money that families may not have on hand. With our program, this financial risk disappears along with the risk of them turning to the school for payment. Now the family only has to concentrate on recovery.

But, as critical as the program’s financial provisions are, we knew something else was just as necessary—perhaps even more so—for our clients’ satisfaction: easier claims management. So, we set about developing the insurance technology and procedures that have made us the leading sports insurance specialists in the country. It’s a claim that we don’t take lightly. And it’s all because of EGBAR.

When it comes to claims management, EGBAR is the only name your clients need to know. It’s a proprietary insurance claims management software system unmatched in the industry that provides an information portal for athletes and clients. EGBAR allows users to view overall claims history, generate reports for comprehensive risk management strategies, or check on the status of a specific claim in real-time.

That sounds great—but what does it mean? How does EGBAR revolutionize claims management? Follow this claims journey to see this game-changing technology’s many differences.

Let Us Know the Athlete is Injured

The school first notifies us of the injury claim. Traditionally, the form is filled out by hand and mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed to us. Now, you have the choice to go fully electronic with EGBAR. Here’s how:

  • We work with several leading sports EMRs (electronic medical records), including ATS, SportsWare, Healthy Roster, and Presagia Sports to enable one-click injury claim notification.
  • The athletic trainer or school nurse (for K-12 clients) will record the injury in the EMR system with the click of a button instead of writing a claim form. We get the information we need to open the claim through secure, HIPAA-compliant EDI (electronic data interface), and they get a digital copy of the claim. Now, they can take care of the athlete and enter data in real-time instead of doing it in a separate step later on.
  • K-12 schools (and even parents) who may not be set up with an EMR can come right into EGBAR and submit the claim there. Just click:
  • File
  • First Notice
  • Your School…

to open up the claim form. It’s that easy.

Use the Industry-First Fully-Configurable Claim Form

This claim form lets clients answer questions about the injury, such as the activity, where it took place, or the position at the time. This allows us to build a risk management picture from actionable data about the school’s injuries. They can take steps to improve the situation, or we can work on it together. For instance, we can target certain types of injuries by changing warm-ups or suggesting different strength conditioning programs. It’s data specific to that activity or sport that provides tangible value.

Visit EGBAR’s Portal to See or Make Claims Updates

A-G Specialty Insurance EGBAR software screenshot to “Claim Search” screen.EGBAR makes it fast and easy to manage claims. Schools can:

  • Check on the status of existing claims and see payment dates, amounts paid, check numbers, and more. It’s one of the most comprehensive Paid Claims reports around.
  • Upload EOBs (explanation of benefits) or other information straight into the claim.
  • Bulk-upload paperwork. Just scan the papers and upload them into the claim. No separation is necessary. Our secure software automatically pairs any uploaded documents with the correct claim within 24 hours. (If for some reason it can’t, then we will manually connect it within 48 hours.)
  • If paperwork is emailed, it can be uploaded directly from an email as well.
  • If paperwork is missing, the A-G claims handler contacts the providers for the information. We will only contact the school or parent if we need them to give the provider permission. They won’t have to deal with any of the hassles they did in the past.

Generate Reports Unique to A-G

Paid Claims and Pending Claims reports can be easily pulled. While the Paid Claims report is valuable, the Pending Claims report shows real-time information on problems that hold up claims payments. This report is unique in the industry and details the up-to-the-minute status of past and upcoming bills, payments, and notes about A-G contacts, questions, and follow-ups.

Use Claims Information for Powerful Risk Management and Savings

By combining the actionable data derived from EGBAR’s fully customizable claim form with Tableau data visualization software, we develop monthly and quarterly reports with the school’s unique trending and historical data. This benefits the school in several ways:

  • The information is benchmarked against the school and its peers for trends.
  • Schools can investigate program changes to decrease injury opportunities.
  • If it’s discovered a specific provider always charges more, we can negotiate with the provider for the school. Or, we can suggest going to a different provider. We have access to 43 provider networks—other companies only have access to two or three. This gives us a lot of flexibility to control costs.
  • Costs are used in underwriting and are ultimately reflected in the premium payments. Cost savings from the providers can be passed onto the school through lower payments.
  • We negotiate cost savings free of charge, while many other insurers charge a fee.

Through EGBAR, we provide your school clients with tangible results that can make a big difference to their program.

Request an EGBAR Demo

With a little help from EGBAR, we can save your school clients time and energy when dealing with claims. Trainers, administrators, nurses, and others can get back to doing their jobs. And, we’ll also help schools control their insurance premiums and save over time.

Our holistic solutions are at the heart of what we’ve been doing for the K-12 and intercollegiate sports industry for nearly 40 years. Discover more about us with a complimentary EGBAR Demo. When you learn what this claims management game-changer can do for your school sports clients, we think you’ll find it’s one of the best hours you’ve spent in a long time.

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