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College athletics brims with competition and camaraderie. However, it also carries the risk of severe or catastrophic injuries. Whether from sudden accidents or health issues that develop over time, student-athletes often endure tough physical and psychological challenges. And when medical costs aren’t covered, athletes and their families face severe financial burdens, as seen in cases like Kyle Hardrick and Stanley Doughty. Both athletes faced high medical bills not covered by their schools or the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

Catastrophic insurance is a good way to guard against these inevitable scenarios. It protects student-athletes and offers peace of mind to their families and the institutions involved.

Of course, catastrophic accidents don’t just happen at NCAA member schools; student-athletes at NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) schools face them, too. But with fewer financial resources than their NCAA counterparts, who picks up the tab for these costly treatments? Are the families and students left to shoulder the burden?

As junior college athletic trainers, your role is pivotal in selecting the most reliable and effective insurance provider and policy. Your decision directly impacts the welfare and future of the young athletes under your care. A-G Specialty Insurance is a leading provider of catastrophic insurance, with customized solutions for student-athletes. Our comprehensive catastrophic injury insurance allows your athletes to focus on recovery and return to play without undue financial stress from an injury.

Why Your Athletic Program Needs Specialized Coverage

Injured athlete sitting on the sidelines due to ankle sprain.What do you do when your top sprinter pulls a hamstring, your starting quarterback takes a nasty hit and ends up with a concussion, or a knee injury sidelines a varsity wrestler? With over 1.3 million injuries reported among U.S. college students each year, your athletic program cannot afford to go without comprehensive catastrophic coverage.

Catastrophic insurance is essential in providing a safety net beyond basic accident insurance, covering exorbitant medical expenses arising from serious injuries. These injuries can sideline a promising athlete, not just for a season but potentially for a lifetime, leading to extensive rehabilitation needs and, in some cases, long-term care solutions.

When you invest in comprehensive catastrophic insurance, student-athletes receive the medical attention they need without the stress of unmanageable medical costs. This specialized coverage isn’t just another policy—it’s a critical support system for young athletes facing life-altering challenges.

A-G Offers Customized Solutions for NJCAA Athletic Trainers

A student-athlete recovering from a leg injury contacts her insurance company about a high medical bill.A-G specializes in catastrophic insurance designed to meet the unique needs of the athletic community. While the NJCAA covers students and administrators up to $25,000, treatment costs can exceed this amount, leaving students with insurmountable medical bills. With A-G’s catastrophic insurance, your athletes are covered for costs ranging from $1 million to $10 million with the option for lifetime benefits. You’ll also have the choice to include benefits for:

  • Total and partial disability
  • Loss of income
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Family expenses
  • College education
  • Home adaptation remodeling
  • Vehicle adaptation

We can help you determine which benefits to include in your insurance plan.

Your duties as an NJCAA athletic trainer involve much more than just overseeing daily practices and game-time injuries. The administrative burden of handling insurance claims, following up on treatments, and ensuring that every athlete receives the care they deserve can be overwhelming. Recognizing these challenges, A-G offers custom-designed catastrophic injury insurance that reduces the time you spend on paperwork.

One of the hallmark features of A-G’s service is our simplified administrative processes. We make filing and managing claims easier, cutting through the red tape that trainers often struggle with. This includes handling the tedious and time-consuming task of obtaining Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents, detailing injuries, and itemizing treatment costs. A-G handles these tasks efficiently and effectively, eliminating them from your list of responsibilities.

Moreover, A-G leverages advanced technology for easy digital filing and claims tracking, making it a cinch to monitor the status and updates on each case. This speeds up claim handling and ensures accuracy and transparency, keeping trainers informed every step of the way.

Integrating this technology into the claims process means that NJCAA athletic trainers can trust that all the logistical aspects of catastrophic accident insurance are covered. With A-G, the heavy lifting of managing comprehensive insurance is handled adeptly, freeing up trainers to invest more time into nurturing the potential of their student-athletes, both on and off the field.

Take Action With A-G Specialty Insurance

Athletic trainer examines a college quarterback’s arm injury.As you take on the challenge of protecting your student-athletes, consider A-G Specialty Insurance for catastrophic accident insurance. We are an industry leader in sports insurance not just for our solid coverage but also because we get personal. We make it our business to understand what you and your student-athletes need, spotting gaps in your coverage and devising solutions that work for everyone.

EGBAR, our cutting-edge claims management system, eliminates the hassle of handling claims and paperwork, letting your department focus on running sports programs. With a network of 40+ providers, we offer the best treatments at the best prices. Our risk management services reduce accident probability, and claim data helps lower premium costs.

To explore our services, contact us today or request a quote.


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