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From ultimate frisbee and rugby to pickleball and softball, there’s an adult sports league for practically every sports enthusiast. And with studies showing that 41% of 22 to 25-year-olds and 26% of 26 to 49-year-olds currently play sports, plenty of adult rec leagues have been created to meet this demand and provide the opportunity to play.

Adult rec league women’s softball team dressed in red celebrates winning a trophy.

Why are adult sports leagues so popular? Adults join rec leagues for various reasons:

  • They played the game in their youth and want to keep playing a sport they love.
  • They want to learn a new sport.
  • They want to socialize and meet new people or strengthen relationships.
  • They want to become healthier and get more exercise, and amateur sports leagues are a great alternative to the gym.
  • And they may even want to find networking connections for their careers.

Interestingly, people start adult rec leagues for many of these same reasons they join them. Additionally, they also have the desire to start a for- or non-profit organization. If you’ve started an adult league yourself, you’re working hard to provide an experience that satisfies your players’ needs and ensures your success. But have you protected yourself from risk? Make sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps. A-G Specialty Insurance explains what you could face.

Accidents Happen—Especially To Amateur Sports Players

21% of the sports and recreation-related injuries reported each year occur in the 21-44 age group. As you would expect, when these accidents happen, players incur medical treatment costs that their primary health insurance should cover. However, there are several reasons you and your adult sports league could face financial risk from this situation:

  • Primary health insurance leaves out-of-pocket expenses that the player will need to cover, and these could be substantial when deductibles and copayments are added up.
  • If the player doesn’t have primary health insurance, then they will be responsible for covering the entire amount.
  • Whether they have health insurance or not, they may very well turn to your organization to cover the outstanding or entire medical treatment costs because the accident happened while participating in your league.

Unfortunately, these all too common scenarios can put your league at great financial risk if they sue you to pay the costs. Fortunately, amateur sports league insurance for accidents is an easy solution to help eliminate the financial risk to your organization of players’ accidents.

How amateur sports league insurance for accidents works:

This affordable protection (also known as participant accident insurance) from A-G Specialty Insurance provides coverage to handle the out-of-pocket costs primary health insurance doesn’t cover.

  • In the scenario where the player has primary health insurance, they are relieved of the financial burden to pay the leftover out-of-pocket costs still due. These can add up quickly: In 2022, the out-of-pocket limits are $8,700 for an individual and $17,400 for a family. They can come out of treatment and recovery without any financial worries.
  • In the scenario where the player doesn’t have primary health insurance, they can be relieved that some of their medical expenses will be covered. This may lessen the chance they’d sue you to pay medical costs because you are providing some payment relief for them.

You can see why this sports league liability insurance, which covers different risks than general liability insurance, should be part of your organization’s game plan to help keep it fiscally sound in the event of player injury.

It’s no accident A-G is good at sports accident coverage

A-G has been protecting athletes and organizations from accident costs since 1983. That’s almost 40 years of understanding how adult sports league programs work and what they need.

A-G has a variety of personalized plans to choose from for:

  • Athletic camps and clinics
  • Academic programs
  • Outside group events and meetings

These plans can help shelter your organization or program from liability. If you have an event, we have a plan. Your protection is that easy with A-G.

So, if you have an adult sports league, talk to us today about your protection options and what makes the most sense for your organization’s needs and budget. Then you can relax knowing that your amateur players and your rec league are protected if or when injuries happen.


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