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There are over 1.6 million nonprofits in the U.S. today, including religious and educational organizations,along with charities and foundations for public safety, health, scientific endeavors, disaster relief, prevention of cruelty, and more. These tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations are the third-largest employer in the country and use over 63 million volunteers each year, providing services and support to communities and causes.

Young woman volunteer in a warehouse surrounded by food donation boxes takes cans from a young man.

As an insurance agent, do you have nonprofits among your clients? Or do you want to add them to your book of business? If so, you may want to consider talking to them about accident insurance . They may not be aware of the financial and reputational risk they face when someone in their care or under their supervision (including volunteers) is injured. General liability insurance doesn’t cover that, but this affordable protection does. It’s an easy way to enhance their current insurance protection and decrease their risk. Read on to find out why.

Helping Others While Protecting Themselves

Recent statistics show that accidents happen every second, 24/7/365, despite the best-laid plans and preventative actions. And when injuries need medical treatment, there’s a significant chance that the injured person will face hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of uncovered out-of-pocket medical bills. When the biggest reason for someone to be involved with a nonprofit is to help others, it’s ironic that doing so could increase the risk of damage to themselves. Accident insurance like the plans from A-G Specialty Insurance can help with those unexpected costs and damages.

What Accident Insurance Does

When an accident causes an injury, accident insurance is secondary or excess coverage that steps in once primary health insurance has covered its share of medical treatment costs. These out-of-pocket costs include deductibles and copayments and can add up quickly: in 2022, it could be as much as $8,700 for an individual and $17,400.00 for a family.

With an accident plan, no one will be left covering these costs alone. And, if the person or family doesn’t have primary health insurance coverage, they will at least have these cash benefits to help with medical bills.

Who is Protected by Accident Insurance

While well-known for covering students and student-athletes at K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, you not have realized that accident plans provide the same benefits to these additional audiences:

  • Insurance for religious organizations
  • Insurance for nonprofits
  • Insurance for daycares and more

A-G’s participant accident insurance is an affordable way to help protect the health and welfare of people and volunteers that work for these organizations. And, as i nsurance coverage for volunteers, it’s an especially important consideration since they are not being compensated for their time or help. If injured, they may feel isolated, and the accident could also impact their regular job’s attendance and salary. The accident coverage lets them know that they are not alone. Someone is looking out for them.

What Accidents Are Covered

People who work or volunteer for, or receive services from a nonprofit, are covered for accidents, including injuries received while:

  • In their care
  • On their premises
  • On a field trip or delivery
  • Carrying out instructions
  • At an event

This insurance coverage basically stays with them to protect them from accidents whatever they’re doing for the organization. So whether it’s …

  • Slipping in a puddle
  • Tripping on a broken sidewalk
  • Falling downstairs
  • Driving on a field trip
  • Cutting themselves from broken glass
  • Burning themselves on a hot stove or campfire, and more

… if they’re injured, they’ll be covered.

Accident Insurance Also Protects the Organization

Having this insurance can help reduce the risk of lawsuits filed against the organization if someone is accidentally injured. Lawsuits can damage the organization’s reputation and financial stability. Protecting volunteers and employees with this coverage can decrease litigation risk along with reducing public scrutiny. It lets them keep helping others while protecting themselves, too.

3 Reasons Why Accident Insurance is Easy With A-G

First, it’s an affordable way to fill the gap in your client’s coverage that they may not realize they have. Just work with A-G’s insurance specialists to find the right benefits for your client’s exact niche and needs.

Second, there’s no extra work or paperwork involved in getting this coverage because AG’s industry-leading claims management technology EGBAR handles it all for you and your clients.

Third, A-G has been providing participant accident insurance to thousands of organizations for nearly 40 years, so you can trust we’ll understand your client’s situation and will be there whenever they need us.

Learn more about being an agent or broker with us, or start here to get a quote for your clients. We look forward to connecting personally soon.


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