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May 18, 2021

What Does a College Student Accident Insurance Plan Cover?

What Does a College Student Accident Insurance Plan Cover?

College sports programs go to great lengths to ensure the safety of athletes, spectators, and other participants in athletic events. However, accidents will happen in the physical world of sports. And when they do, students and athletic directors want to ensure they can seek the medical treatment they need without worrying about the cost.

As an insurance broker, it’s your job to ensure that schools have the coverage they need to protect against significant financial liability and that students can focus on their recovery, not their bills. That begins with knowing precisely what student accident insurance covers.

At A-G Specialty Insurance, we make it simple for brokers and their clients to make sense of their insurance coverage. With our in-depth understanding of the nuances of the student insurance world, exceptional customer service, and industry-leading technology, we make the claims process simple and transparent. Our processes have made us the preferred choice for top insurance brokers and their university clients.

The Basics of Student Accident Insurance

At A-G Specialty Insurance, we offer three primary types of accident insurance plans:

  • Secondary (Excess Accident) Injury Insurance
  • Catastrophic Injury Insurance
  • Participant Injury Insurance

Schools and universities have different insurance coverage needs. A-G Specialty Insurance’ plans are customizable and adaptable, allowing brokers to help their clients design the right policy for their specific risk.

A-G’s Student Accident Insurance Plans: Three Options

When purchasing an insurance policy, it’s important for agents to understand their client’s individual risk so they can determine which of our three customizable coverage options will best fit their client’s needs. Here’s what each covers in more detail.

1. Secondary (Excess Accident) Injury Insurance

The NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA require member schools to provide coverage to ensure there are no gaps in the association’s catastrophic insurance deductible. In other words, if the university’s insurance policy coverage limits are less than the athletic association’s catastrophic injury coverage, then they must purchase an insurance policy to cover that gap. This ensures that student-athletes have adequate coverage for their medical expenses if they suffer a catastrophic injury without substantial out-of-pocket costs if they are injured during a practice, game, or another event.

Secondary injury insurance plan benefits coincide with athletic association coverage limits. They typically provide benefits of up to $25,000 (NAIA/NJCAA) and $90,000 (NCAA).
Young male in orange football jersey has his head and neck examined by an older doctor with X-ray images in the background.
Additional benefits may include:

  • Benefit periods up to three years
  • Options for full coverage, per claim, or aggregate deductibles
  • Coverage for claims denied by other health insurance plans
  • Coverage for repetitive stress, overuse, and overexertion injuries
  • Coverage for heart and circulatory conditions
  • Death and dismemberment benefits
  • Coverage for guests and recruits
  • Pre-existing condition coverage

2. Catastrophic Injury Coverage
Although most people think of a catastrophic injury as one that results in death or permanent disability, it also refers to head, spine, and spinal cord injuries, even when there is a full recovery. Heatstroke from overexertion and cardiac arrest or disruption also qualify as catastrophic injuries.

Major athletic organizations provide catastrophic injury insurance, but some schools opt to carry additional insurance. This extra protection provides coverage for non-association sanctioned events, such as camps or clinics, where serious injuries may occur.

This supplemental coverage can include several options, including:

  • 5-year, 10-year, or lifetime benefits options
  • Catastrophic maximums up to $10,000,000
  • Coverage for vehicle adaptations or home remodeling
  • Coverage for education expenses
  • Flexible deductible options
  • Total or partial disability benefits
  • Cash benefits to cover loss of income, medical expenses, and family expenses

3. Participant Injury Insurance

College athletic departments often host official events, such as clinics, camps, and tournaments. Participant injury insurance protects clients from liability for injuries to participants in these events and expenses for their medical care.

A-G Administrator’s programs are adaptable to individual organizations based on their unique needs. Some highlights of this coverage include:

  • Fully insured, per claim, and aggregate deductible options
  • One, two, or three year benefit periods
  • Coverage for expenses denied by other health insurance coverage
  • Coverage for travel to and from officially-sanctioned events
  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

A-G Specialty Insurance Has a Program to Fit Your Clients’ Needs

Because every school is unique, customized student accident insurance is a must. A-G Specialty Insurance is a leader in intercollegiate athletics insurance and works with the best carriers and brokers in the market to provide colleges and universities of all sizes with reliable, competitive coverage options. Request a quote today, and learn more about their industry-best customer service. Together, you can Achieve Greatness.


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