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Apr 26, 2021

How Student Accident Insurance Plans Save Money

How Student Accident Insurance Plans Save Money

As schools start to open up again, the risk of students injuring themselves on-campus—or on a supervised off-campus trip—begins again as well.

Now is a good time to consult with your school district clients and remind them how student accident insurance plans save money in the long run. They not only help pay out-of-pocket medical costs if injuries happen, but these plans help reassure parents who know if their children suffer an accidental school injury that they’ll have financial help for medical treatments.

That’s important when you consider that with playground accidents alone, more than 200,000 children younger than 18 visit the emergency room every year. Twenty percent of all child and adolescent injuries take place at school. While 53% of all claims are from interscholastic sports occurring in the higher grades, most elementary school injuries happen at recess.

Another factor for your clients to consider is liability. If their child is injured at school, parents may well sue for damages if they are unhappy with out-of-pocket medical costs and the school’s lack of support. In fact, two-thirds of all lawsuits for student injuries result in an award paid by the school to parents. These amounts can average $500,000 or more. A solid school accident plan can keep that from happening by providing the financial assistance parents may need and expect. It helps limit litigation so as not to endanger school district assets.

You and your school client want to be assured that you’re partnering with a top-notch student accident insurance specialist that provides these types of accident policies. But unlike No. 2 pencils, not all insurance companies are the same. It’s important to connect with a company like A-G Specialty Insurance with nearly forty years of accident and school experience to provide coverage options that meet your client’s unique needs.

These are some of the K-12 student accident plans A-G provides:

Whether alone or packaged together, these plans provide comprehensive student accident benefits.

Let’s Look At Each Of These Plans Individually:

Older student running around a track at school.

  • Mandatory Accident Plans
    You can help your school district client limit its risk exposure by putting together a mandatory accident plan where parents purchase policies.These plans are typically known as “excess plans,” where benefits are paid in addition to any personal insurance that a student has. It’s all about minimizing the risk of litigation. Limiting out-of-pocket expenses that students and their families may incur from an accident on campus is a way to be proactive.
  • Compulsory Plans
    Compulsory insurance plans provide benefits for injuries that occur during the time when school is in session and while students are attending or participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities on-and-off school premises.Compulsory policies can also cover:

    • Participating in interscholastic sports, including football
    • Traveling to and from school and school-sponsored activities
  • Voluntary Plans
    Voluntary student plans generally cover everything compulsory plans do. On top of that, they provide benefits for covered injuries throughout the year, including weekends, vacations, and summers.
    One option is 24-hour accident insurance. Another option is school-time accident medical coverage. This provides benefits for covered injuries sustained during the time when school is in session and while students are attending or participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities on-or-off school premises. It also covers:

    • Participating in interscholastic sports, including football
    • Traveling to-and-from school and school-sponsored activities
    • Interscholastic Sports Plans

    These policies typically provide benefits for covered injuries that happen during tryouts, pre-season, regular season, and post-season play, as well as travel to-and-from games and practices.

  • Catastrophic injury plans
    With A-G, these plans provide up to $5 million in catastrophic accident insurance for K-12 students and student-athletes. They also provide a cash benefit of up to $1,000,000 per covered accident if the injured person suffers paralysis, coma, or brain death as a result.

A-G Specialty Insurance: The Student Accident Insurance Experts You Can Trust To Save Your Clients’ Money

Student injury insurance can be confusing and expensive. Look to A-G Specialty Insurance as an industry leader in generating savings on medical expenses. In addition to your K-12 district clients, A-G can serve your college and university, youth sports club, and amateur sports league clients as well.

A-G started in the K-12 insurance market, and its longevity is a testament to its personal client attention and service, along with the loyalty it gets in return—which is validated by its 95% client retention rate.

For nearly forty years, we’ve been a trusted advisor in the evolving student accident insurance industry, providing insurance solutions to more than 675 colleges and universities, more than 3,200 K-12 schools and school systems, and 3,000 youth sports organizations nationwide.

A-G is still leading the way, with continually-advancing technologies that support best-in-class customer service and superior claims savings.

Modern Technology Can Streamline The Process

As an agent, you’re likely searching for an insurance partner with a modern and powerful claims management application system. A-G offers that with its platform, known as “EGBAR,” an acronym for Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource.

This is a key differentiator in the market because EGBAR offers clear transparency to the claims process with instant access, while also protecting the exchange of information.

Learn more about A-G Specialty Insurance or request a quote here.


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