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Feb 21, 2022

The #1 Nonprofit Risk Management Solution Your Clients Need

The #1 Nonprofit Risk Management Solution Your Clients Need

Religious and other nonprofit organizations do a lot of good for others. And, at almost 1.6 million organizations in the U.S. charitable sector involving 63 million volunteers, it’s clear they play a significant role in the welfare of communities at home and abroad.

Those many millions of volunteers enjoy the opportunity to help others or get involved with something they love. But since they aren’t employees, they’re usually not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. That means they aren’t protected from out-of-pocket medical costs if they’re injured while onsite at the organization or performing a duty for it. Risk management for nonprofits is something many organizations overlook. Are your clients protected?

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The most common nonfatal emergency room visits come by far from fall-related injuries at 32% of visits. Trips, slips, and falls can happen anytime, anywhere, and can cause a lot of physical damage. Chances are these kinds of injuries are the ones that happen the most at your client’s organization, whether they involve volunteers slipping on ice or water, tripping on uneven paths or cords, or falling down stairs.

Six volunteers of a nonprofit wearing light blue tee shirts are planting a tree in a park.

Uncompensated injury treatment can cause volunteers financial hardship, along with hard feelings toward your client. A volunteer accident policy like those offered by A-G Specialty Insurance is an affordable way for your nonprofit clients to manage risk exposure. In fact, it may be one of the most significant risk exposure solutions they can find.

How Insurance Coverage for Volunteers Works

When used by nonprofits, foundations, and religious organizations, participant accident insurance from A-G Specialty Insurance provides a layer of financial security from the medical treatment expense when a volunteer is accidentally injured.

If a volunteer is hurt, their primary health insurance covers some but not all of their medical expenses. They are left to pay out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-payments, and any out-of-network charges. These costs can quickly add up, causing another painful dilemma.

Participant accident insurance is used to pay those out-of-pocket costs so that the volunteer’s entire medical treatment expense is covered for them. Now the volunteer only has to worry about getting better and getting back to what they love to do. Also, if the volunteer doesn’t have primary health insurance, they will at least have access to some funds to lessen their treatment costs. Both coverage scenarios let the volunteer concentrate on recovery and may make the difference for them when deciding whether or not to pursue litigation for injury costs.

What Kinds of Nonprofits Can Get Volunteer Insurance ?

Any nonprofits or foundations that are 501(C)(3) organizations can use participant accident insurance to protect their volunteers, including:

  • Religious organizations
  • Animal organizations
  • Arts, culture, and humanities organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Educational organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Health organizations
  • Human rights organizations
  • And more!

With such a wide variety of organizations being helped by over 63 million volunteers, that’s quite a large number of people at risk of accidental injury needing medical treatment. Fortunately, A-G can customize plans to fit your client’s particular organization and needs. Additionally, A-G recognizes that nonprofit organizations operate on strict budgets, so we offer affordable plans to fit any fiscal requirements.

Help Your Nonprofit Clients Help the People Who Help Them

If volunteers experience accidents in a church , while working in a soup kitchen, or while helping run an event, volunteer insurance from A-G ensures that your client’s volunteers come away from accidents on the fast track to physical and fiscal recovery.

A-G has been specializing in participant accident insurance for nearly 40 years and has a reputation for solid protection and state-of-the-art claims management, along with a large nationwide provider network. Protecting individuals and families from the financial risk of injury while providing peace of mind to organizations has been our mission for close to half a century.

Find out more about how we can help you with your nonprofit clients ’ risk management so they can get back to concentrating on helping others. There’s no obligation if you talk to us, so don’t wait to learn more. Contact us today, or request a quote, and let’s get started.


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