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Apr 01, 2019

A-G Specialty Insurance’ Innovation In Sports Insurance

A-G Specialty Insurance’ Innovation In Sports Insurance

The word “innovator” is used in a lot of different industries but what does it actually mean in the sports insurance field?

Innovation is the result of two contributing factors:

First, the technology platform that a company creates and employs, and secondly, the approach a company uses in managing claims. We believe that the innovation that A-G Specialty Insurance delivers is because we execute those two contributing factors better than anyone else in the game.

In the claims process, A-G Specialty Insurance uses technology to allow us to receive claims in many different forms (file uploads, 100% electronic submission, email, fax, snail mail) which allows us to meet clients where they are in terms of comfort level with technology. Perhaps more importantly, it allows us to interact with providers directly through our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

One of our goals in the claims process is to minimize the amount of administrative work that clients must do. We understand that they have better things to do than chase down paperwork to get your claims paid and we’ve developed processes to make their lives easier.

On the other side of things, processing these claims quickly gives us a decided advantage in our aggressive, cost savings approach and A-G Specialty Insurance leverages technology to pay claims faster than anyone in the market. This saves our clients time and money.

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