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Feb 10, 2022

3 Ways to Hit a Home Run with Travel Ball Accident Protection

3 Ways to Hit a Home Run with Travel Ball Accident Protection

If you’re involved in a travel baseball league as a coach, team manager, operations manager, or league owner, you know that travel ball is a different game. The players are more serious. They train hard to improve their skills to a higher level. They play significantly more games than other leagues or school teams. They compete against the top players and teams locally and out of state. And many are hoping to catch the attention of college coaches and pro scouts.

Keeping your players safe from risk is a never-ending responsibility and top concern during the season. Fortunately, A-G Specialty Insurance can help—with sports team travel insurance that decreases the financial risk of medical costs from injuries and offers insights into keeping players healthy and performing their best.

Travel Ball Clubs Up Their Safety Game in 3 Ways with A-G Specialty Insurance

Participant accident insurance from A-G Specialty Insurance protects players and your club from the medical costs of an injury in three important ways:

1. The coverage helps pay for out-of-pocket medical bills due to injury treatment.

  • Though injuries do happen at games and practices, they can also occur traveling to and from events.
  • While an injured athlete’s primary health insurance is applied to their bills first, many uncovered expenses, such as deductibles and copayments, are left for the player and their family to pay. Participant accident insurance steps in to cover these costs and free the family from the worry of treatment expenses during recovery.
  • If a family doesn’t have primary health insurance, this travel baseball team insurance may be the only coverage they have to help pay the bills.

A travel ball team breaks from a huddle before starting a baseball game. 2. The coverage provides in-depth claims data analysis through EGBAR, A-G’s industry-leading claims technology. This information can expose training injury risk and recommend new practices or treatments to lessen injury potential.

  • These reports not only help keep players healthier, they show current and future players and their families that your travel ball club is fully dedicated to your players’ health and welfare.
  • Given that travel ball is more expensive than rec leagues and that so much rides on performance, parents expect this level of knowledge to be put into practice.

3. This coverage can provide your club or league with a layer of protection.

  • Families who feel that your club is doing its part to reduce the risk of player injury will feel confident putting their trust in you.
  • Offering the coverage helps ensure that families have the financial benefits to cover medical treatment costs. It can also reduce or eliminate the risk of families pursuing litigation against the club because they feel that they have been left alone without any support when a player is injured.


3000 Youth Sports Organizations Already Take Advantage of A-G’s 3-Way Coverage to Reduce Their Club’s Risk

Are you ready to find out how A-G’s youth travel baseball insurance can help your team? We’d love to tell you more.

In addition to youth sports organizations like yours, we provide 675 colleges and universities and over 3,000 K-12 schools with participant and sports accident insurance. We offer a variety of plans to fit your situation and goals, including voluntary plans for parents to purchase or plans for you to purchase for the players. Whichever plans you choose, you’ll relax knowing that A-G is behind you and your team all season long with winning risk protection.

Contact us or have your insurance agent reach out so that one of our insurance specialists can tell you more. We look forward to connecting soon.


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