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Mar 27, 2020

A-G Specialty Insurance Is Here For You

A-G Specialty Insurance Is Here For You

At A-G Specialty Insurance, the health and well-being of our policyholders, claimants, partners and employees is our number one priority during this extraordinary time.

As part of our support and in our role as the national leader in sports and accident insurance, we have actively engaged our carriers in a series of discussions that we may be at the forefront of our response to this unprecedented time in our history.

Below is a summary of the ways in which we are guiding our carriers through these unchartered waters in response to the global crisis created by COVID-19:

Work-outs from Home & Distance Learning

Much like many of us are being called to (or mandated to) work from home, our students and athletes are being asked to (or mandated to) workout from home. While the traditional definition of most of our policy’s covered activities include only “officially supervised and sponsored” activities, we have engaged our carriers in discussions of expanding this definition for a temporary time to include those workouts sent home via coaches including any skill instruction and speed, strength, conditioning workouts being held at home. From a distance learning standpoint, any injury a student sustains while engaging in distance learning would be covered. Similarly, injuries sustained as a result of performing workout packets, Zoom or Go To Meeting team or small group sessions, and other similar type activities would also be covered. While we are working on specific language and whether an amendment is needed on a carrier-by-carrier basis, our intent is to engage our carriers to understand the current environment and expand coverage for qualified injuries that occur while athletes perform workouts mandated by or strongly recommended by coaches.

Extending Benefit Periods

One of the potential challenges this disruption presents is the delay in care, particularly as it relates to scheduled surgeries, setbacks in rehabilitation timelines, follow-ups with physicians, and obtaining ultimate clearance for return to full activity. With this in mind, A-G Specialty Insurance is working with our carriers to develop a system that is mindful of policy benefit periods while sensitive to the disruptions on timelines COVID-19 may present. In general, we seek to develop a system that permits extension of benefits beyond a benefit period, when COVID-19 related issues have delayed care or resulted in the need for follow-ups that would normally have occurred within the benefit period.

Supporting Telemedicine

A-G prides ourselves on our technology integration in our unique service solution and best-in-class discounting of medical expenses. In a similar way, we support the use of technology to continue to bring needed medical services to our injured students and athletes. One such solution is the use of Telemedicine and our support of this technology. We are working with our carriers to ensure reimbursement of medical expenses related to a qualified injury that are delivered via Telemedicine. This is the exact type of innovation we champion in our own solution which is why we are promoting this to our carriers as a progressive innovation in our response to COVID-19.

We will continue to update you on our efforts to support you during this time. Please let us know if you have additional questions or ways we can support you. To make suggestions or ask questions, click here.

Dixon Gillis
Chief Executive Officer


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