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Sep 03, 2021

Does Your School Need K-12 Student Accident Insurance?

Does Your School Need K-12 Student Accident Insurance?

As a school district business manager, handling your school’s budget and expenses can be a financial teeter-totter. Too many ups and downs can push your budget off balance, affecting your ability to manage current and future priorities.

Speaking of teeter-totters, did you know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares that 200,000 children age 14 and younger are treated for playground injuries every year? Unfortunately, unexpected medical and other costs from accidents like these can have far-reaching consequences. Fortunately, many school business managers are finding a solution to these unpredictable budget busters with K-12 student accident insurance.

One Solution, Three Benefits: To Your Students, School, And Budget

High school boys are playing soccer in white and red uniforms.

When you consider that more than 50 million school children in the United States spend a quarter to a half of their waking hours (sometimes 6 hours or more) at school or on school property, it’s easy to see why every school day brings with it an opportunity for a child to be injured.

Accidents can happen everywhere: on the playground, falling on stairs, during gym, or on a sports team. Even the best prevention can’t stop one from occurring. But business managers that work with A-G Specialty Insurance on student health insurance can help make sure repercussions are controlled. It’s a pretty straightforward solution your school board should find valuable because of the three benefits it provides.

  1. Student benefits: Our K-12 student accident insurance can help cover the out-of-pocket costs of medical treatment left after the family’s primary health coverage pays its share. Or, in those instances when the family doesn’t have coverage on its own, it can help relieve some of their financial burdens.
  2. School benefits: If your school knows coverage is available, they can make better decisions at the time of the injury that could influence treatment and recovery. It can lessen the chance of unhappy parents suing for expenses when they can be covered. And, it can keep your school’s reputation in good standing within the community: making this coverage available shows the care you take for your students’ welfare.
  3. Budget benefits: Because you can decide to offer voluntary coverage with the premiums paid by the parents, there is little to no impact on the budget. And, with the plans covering out-of-pocket expenses for the parents, it reduces the chance of litigation with an unhappy parent suing the school for expenses.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry that you or your staff will be spending a lot of time away from your primary responsibilities because you’re dealing with claims and red tape. At A-G Specialty Insurance, we handle all of that for you, the providers, and your families with EGBAR, our powerful claims management system that is unmatched in the industry.

Your Coverage Solutions

You can choose coverage based on your unique student situation. Choices include Mandatory, Compulsory, Voluntary, and Catastrophic Accident plans. These plans cover intramural sports, physical education classes, regular school sessions, on and off-campus group activities that are school-sponsored and supervised, and travel directly to and from these activities.

The Interscholastic Sports plan covers all interscholastic athletic competitions which are officially authorized, sanctioned, and scheduled by the participating school and governed by the rules and regulations of the appropriate state high school athletic/activities association or related governing body. Learn more about these many flexible options.

With any of these K-12 student accident insurance plans, A-G will help protect your school from the financial and reputational consequences of student and student-athlete accidents while helping control costs, manage risk, and lessen administrative burdens.

School Districts Have Trusted A-G Specialty Insurance For Nearly 40 Years

It’s understandable that if you’re thinking about bringing a solution to the school board that impacts the health and welfare of your students, school district, and budget, you need to be sure of your recommendation.

At A-G Specialty Insurance, we’ve been covering K-12 insurance needs for nearly 40 years. We provide solutions to more than 3,200 K-12 schools and school systems and 3,000 youth sports organizations, including several National Governing Bodies. We’re continually advancing our technology to provide you and your school district with the best possible service. It’s our history and experience that make the difference between us and other companies you may consider.

There are three ways to learn more:

  • Or, if you’d like to talk to us personally, contact us

When you’re ready, you or your insurance agent/broker can request a quote. Then, you can relax, knowing that you’re prepared for the many possible consequences you could face when accidents happen.


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