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Jul 04, 2019

A-G Means Industry Leading Savings

A-G Means Industry Leading Savings

You want to receive the best health care possible at a fair price, doctors and health care providers want to get paid quickly and nobody wants drama or frustration in the process, right?

That’s what every institution wants and A-G Specialty Insurance is set up to deliver on those promises. A-G Specialty Insurance uses a unique, three-pronged hybrid approach to generate the best savings for our clients:

The most efficient customized insurance products
  2. The most cost effective treatment
  3. The most efficient and effective claims processing and management

Our goal is to save schools money while providing athlete insurance inline with the quality of the institution’s sports and academic reputation. At A-G Specialty Insurance our reputation is on the line and we’re set up to perform.

Contact A-G Specialty Insurance to discover industry-leading savings for your school!


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A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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