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Jul 09, 2024

Safeguard Your Sports Day: A Guide to Event Insurance for One Day

Safeguard Your Sports Day: A Guide to Event Insurance for One Day

If you’re planning a sports day or camp, you probably have a mile-long to-do list of what needs to happen to pull off a successful event. One item you don’t want to forget to include is event insurance for one day. What does this coverage do, and why do you need it? Read this guide to understand how our A-G liability and sports accident insurance program protects your event from the financial and legal repercussions of accidents and injury.

Your Essential Guide to Sports Special Events Insurance for One Day

A-G answers your questions about liability insurance for an event.

What is insurance for special events?

Event insuranceA batter swings to hit the ball during high school baseball camp. is a type of coverage that helps protect individuals or organizations hosting events from financial losses or liabilities that may occur during the event.

Why is liability insurance for events important?

Event insurance is important because it helps mitigate the risks associated with hosting an event. Regardless of the size or nature of the event, even if it’s a one-day sports camp, there are always potential risks that could lead to expensive lawsuits or financial losses. For example, if an athlete attending sports camp slips and falls, resulting in injuries, you, as the event organizer, could be held responsible for medical expenses and legal fees. Event insurance can help cover these costs, saving you from significant financial burdens.

What does insurance for special events typically cover?

A lacrosse player is ready to pass the ball into the goal during a game at lacrosse camp. Event insurance for one day typically covers a wide range of risks that may arise during the event.

This can include:

Accidents: Despite planning and care, accidents happen, and even with the best precautions in place, you can never fully eliminate the risk of someone getting hurt during your event. In such cases, event insurance can cover the costs of legal fees and medical expenses, saving you from potential financial ruin.

Sports accidents: If a player is injured while participating in an activity, sports accident insurance can help cover the out-of-pocket expenses left by primary health insurance, which helps remove the threat of liability claims and ease the financial burden on the injured player and their family.

Property damage during the event: This can include damage to the venue, equipment, or any other property being used for the event. This benefit can prevent you from paying for repairs or replacements out of your pocket.

Cancellation or interruption: If an unforeseen circumstance, such as extreme weather, a natural disaster, or the sudden illness of a key participant, forces your event to be canceled or postponed, event insurance can help recover lost expenses and minimize financial losses.

Vendor mishaps: If a vendor doesn’t show up or fails to deliver services as promised, event insurance for one day can help cover the costs of finding a last-minute replacement, ensuring your event’s success.

Special events insurance can also include coverage for liquor liability, abuse and molestation, and hired and non-owned auto liability coverages.

Who needs special event insurance coverage?

Four girls at basketball camp stand together on the court after winning their game. Anyone organizing a sports day, training camp, clinic, meet, or tournament should protect the event, the participants, and themselves from liability with special event insurance. It provides peace of mind so you can focus on creating a successful and enjoyable event.

Where can you get event coverage for one day?

Whether it’s a short-term event like a sports day or one lasting a weekend, a week, or longer, A-G Specialty Insurance is your place for all things sports liability. With “Specialty Insurance” part of our name, A-G has long been recognized as a special events accident insurance provider. We can now make your event protection complete with our liability coverage.

Talk to us about our special events insurance and how we can help remove the risk from your event. Just click here to complete the quote form and we’ll be in touch—fast.


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