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A-G has solutions. Since our first school 40 years ago to more than 3,300 school districts and counting, A-G Specialty Insurance has earned a solid reputation—not just for our customized coverage. It’s also because our proprietary risk and claims management services are second to none in the industry in gaining efficiencies, reducing your paperwork, and controlling your costs.

Whether it’s during interscholastic sports, extracurricular activities, a regular school day, or summer camp, accidents happen despite your best intentions and procedures. Compounding the stress to families and staff are financial worries. You need reliable student accident insurance (including volunteer insurance coverage) for out-of-pocket medical costs.

You can relax with A-G in charge. We know what’s needed to keep families from financial harm and to protect the school from liability. It’s what we’ve been doing for 40 years, and it’s the only way we know how to do business.

Talk with one of our experienced staff members about the right solution for your school. Or, explore the specialized insurance solutions we have for K-12 programs below. Either way, you’ll be relieved to learn more about our commitment to stopping accidents from having such a heavy financial impact on children, families, and your school.

K-12 Student Accident Plans

It’s not just the accident. Families burdened with rising health insurance premiums and deductibles can be hit hard when it comes to paying medical expenses. Student accident plans can help relieve financial worries and lessen school liability exposure.

Events / Clinics / Camps / Tournaments

Accidents happening to participants should be a big consideration when hosting camps, clinics, tournaments, and other special events for K-12 students and student-athletes. Schools and groups need to make sure the right coverage is in place for accident medical expenses.

Ancillary Products

You asked, we listened. In addition to student accident insurance, you can find other specialized products and services at A-G that fill important needs schools like yours may have.

Protecting Students

From coverage choices to cost containment, learn what to look for when making your decision about student accident insurance.

For the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with A-G Specialty Insurance as they provide stellar service for the District’s student sports insurance needs.They understand the value of providing outstanding products that are competitively priced, benefiting a school budget that relies heavily on local funds. As a local, multi-generation family business, they have consistently provided reliable and committed service while working with our families to deliver the best possible outcome in their time of need.

Arthur J. McDonnell

Business Manager

Tredyffrin Easttown School District

A-G Specialty Insurance, A-G for ‘Always Game’. The team led by Dixon and Jake, are always game for a challenge, always game for performance at the highest level, and most importantly based on my experience and one who considers A-G a trusted partner of the University of Pennsylvania, always game for positive results and outcomes. A-G Specialty Insurance focus is client centric.

Benjamin Evans

Associate Vice President- Office of Risk Management and Insurance

The University of Pennsylvania

Without a doubt, I can tell you that A-G Specialty Insurance is awesome! The staff at A-G is professional and courteous, focused on facilitating the care the athletes need, and they do it in a manner that saves their schools and organizations money…all while making the collection process easy for my staff. What else can I say — they get it and they are great!

Dr. William C. Meyers

Core Muscle Injury Surgeon

Founder, The Vincera Institute

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A-G has the experience to offer the best custom coverage for every program and the best customer service to ensure a worry-free process for every claim. The nation’s most competitive K-12, collegiate and youth programs Achieve Greatness with A-G!

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