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Mar 27, 2024

How ATs Can Ditch the Paperwork & Get More Time With Student-Athletes

How ATs Can Ditch the Paperwork & Get More Time With Student-Athletes

Sports insurance claims aren’t for the faint of heart. From the administrative burden of keeping track of providers and billing information to multiple phone calls with insurance companies and providers, it’s scary how much time ATs spend buried in paperwork instead of working with student-athletes. But switching to fully digital claims administration might seem scary, too. And, like they ask in the classic Ghostbusters movies, “Who you gonna call?” to do it? According to Indiana University of Pennsylvania head athletic trainer Robert Baron, A-G!

Baron and fellow athletic trainer Mark Wolfe recently spoke with A-G about their experience switching from another insurance company to EGBAR, our fully digital claims administration system. They explained that it’s not only allowed them to get back into sports medicine, but it’s also made life easier for their student-athletes. It’s been a win-win for everyone. Sports metaphors aside, read on to find out why.

Claims Administration, Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes

An athletic trainer works with an athlete who has injured his knee. All too often, the burden of claims administration falls on athletic trainers. Baron shares that with their prior sports insurance coverage carrier, he spent an excessive amount of time contacting providers for billing information; filling out, submitting, and following up on claim forms; going through the mail and processing it; talking to insurance companies about EOBs (explanation of benefits statements); and building Excel spreadsheets to keep track of it all. He estimates that they went through several reams of paper a month, generating many stacks of paper he shuffled between the athletic department and the business office.

A fully digitized claims administration system like EGBAR can eliminate all these pain points. Baron and Wolfe humorously compare their new EGBAR relationship to NFL quarterbacks Brady and Mahomes. “Mahomes is always clutch when you need him,” says Baron, while Wolfe votes for Tom Brady. “He’s always catching-reliable.” EGBAR stands for both Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource, and Everything’s Going to Be Alright. Either identity is 100% dedicated to providing peace of mind and eliminating the claims burden. ATs can get away from their desks and phones and get back to working with their student-athletes.

What EGBAR Does That Other Insurance Companies Don’t

Through A-G’s sports insurance coverage program that helps cover student-athletes’ out-of-pocket expenses not covered by their primary insurance, college athletics departments have access to EGBAR’s fully digital claims administration and MVP service.

With EGBAR, you:

  • Save time:
    • EGBAR automates paperwork with bulk uploads. Our secure software automatically pairs any uploaded documents with the correct claim within 24 hours.
    • We work with several leading sports EMRs (electronic medical records) such as ATS, SportsWare, and Healthy Roster to enable one-click injury claim notification by the athletic trainer.
  • Save money:
    • We use more than 40 networks to get student-athletes the best care at the best price, often as much as 50% lower. And these lower costs can ultimately turn into lower premium payments.
  • Get smart:
    • EGBAR generates real-time claims updates and risk management information to help decrease the chance of injury.
    • EGBAR allows users to view overall claims history or check on a specific claim’s status in real time.

Baron feels that the claims administration kept them away from the student-athletes in the training room doing treatment and rehab. The A-G switch has made a big impact on how they can help their kids.

Keep Student-Athletes Free From Worry While Recovering

One last benefit of a fully digital claims process that shouldn’t be overlooked is that student-athletes can now get updates on bills that may have been sent to their homes that haven’t been paid yet or were processed incorrectly without having a secondary coverage added to them.

Experience a Seamless Transition When Moving to A-G

When it comes to student-athlete injuries, treatments, and insurance claims, it’s not a straightforward process. And there are many financial pieces to consider. But even with its burdens, collegiate athletics departments might be hesitant to switch carriers. They worry that the transition could be an even bigger headache than what they’re currently experiencing.

Any school athletic department that’s concerned about switching owes it to itself and its student-athletes to request an EGBAR demo. That way, you can see for yourself just how easy handling insurance claims should be.

The bottom line: Certified athletic trainers should be on the field, not behind their desks. So, Who you gonna call? A-G! Request a no-obligation quote today and find out how filing claims (and more) can be a thing of the past with EGBAR. (And don’t miss our video with Rob Baron and Mark Wolfe and hear more about Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes—and their fully digital claims processing experience with A-G.)


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