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Dec 08, 2022

Get a Sneak Peek at A-G’s Latest College Sports Insurance Survey Results

Get a Sneak Peek at A-G’s Latest College Sports Insurance Survey Results

We’re finalizing the college sports accident data for our second A-G Specialty Insurance Annual Collegiate Athletic Department Medical Expense and Insurance Survey, and we already have some interesting insights to share with you.

10 A-G Specialty Insurance Insurance Survey Insights

Athletic directors surveyed across Division I, Division II, Division III, and NAIA schools provided information about their athletic programs, the number of players and sports, insurance management processes, primary health insurance usage, and more. The results are combined by conference and provide compelling insights such as:

A college sports lacrosse player in white stands ready to pass the ball held in his stick’s pocket.

  1. The total number of athletes covered ranges from 135 to 1,400.
  2. The average insurance premium across all divisions is $200,000.
  3. What the schools pay for:
  • 95% said they pay for injuries
  • 22% said they pay for general medical care
  • 34% said they pay for prescriptions
  • 6% said they pay for vision for all
  • 16% said they pay for vision for some
  • 4% said they pay for dental for all

4.Team medical providers offer some sort of sponsorship for the athletic program in 34% of schools that responded, while sponsorships only offset medical costs for 11% of respondents.

5. A sports medicine department manages the insurance program for 90% of respondents, while an insurance coordinator manages day-to-day medical claims for 40% of respondents.

6.Mental health coverage is the number one coverage schools wish they could offer, which recognizes the physical, academic, and mental stress student-athletes face daily.

7. The average annual cost of insurance premiums is $118,000.

8. Almost 92% of respondents require primary health insurance coverage for student-athletes.

9. The average deductible, along with other out-of-pocket costs paid, is almost $74,000.

10. Risk management is involved in the decision regarding coverage at 13% of institutions, and 21% include the athletics business office.

These 10 insights are only a tiny sneak peek at the data we’ve analyzed. So, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the full picture of student-athlete accidents and care in our latest report.

The Only Report of Its Kind

A college sports softball pitcher winds up to throw the ball to the batter.

There are other surveys out there—but other surveys, such as those from the NCAA, don’t have access to the medical expense information and sports injury data we have from working with more than 675 colleges and universities across the United States. We’re benchmarking qualitative and quantitative data on costs and claims with information from both participants and EGBAR, our proprietary, industry-leading claims management system. As a result, we provide an invaluable picture of key insurance features, common athletic injury trends, and treatment costs you can’t get anywhere else. It’s critical information that could help you lower medical and premium costs while reducing injury risk and enhancing the health and wellness of your student-athletes.

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