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Sep 27, 2022

Insurance Coverage Amateur Sports Orgs Need—But Often Overlook

Insurance Coverage Amateur Sports Orgs Need—But Often Overlook

Today, kids’ sports don’t happen only during their specific seasons. To learn more skills and stay at peak performance, many young athletes participate in events outside their school teams during the year. More than 60,000 amateur sports organizations fill those needs with sports camps, clinics, tournaments, travel teams, clubs, sports events, and more.

If you have amateur sports organizations among your clients, it’s critical they realize they’re running a business with special risks. So make sure they don’t overlook one of the most important insurance coverages for their organization: youth program insurance for accidents.

Why Amateur Sports Orgs Should Have Insurance Coverage for Special Risks

Boys at lacrosse camp near the goal while protected by amateur sports insurance.Whether your amateur sports organization clients are non- or for-profit, you probably recommend that they have similar insurance as other general businesses. These coverages usually include:

  • General liability insurance to cover liability claims to others for bodily injury or property claims
  • Commercial property insurance to cover physical property damages
  • Workers compensation insurance to cover when workers become ill or disabled
  • Commercial auto insurance to cover vehicles used for business purposes
  • D&O (directors and officers) liability insurance to protect those serving as a director or officer of the organization from personal losses if they are sued
  • Cyber insurance to protect data from cyber attacks

But while these protect the business side of the organization, they don’t protect what may be the biggest risk: injury from accidents. It’s estimated more than 775,000 children participating in sports activities are injured each year, with one in four injuries considered serious.

These injuries could have significant medical expenses for families to pay in terms of the out-of-pocket costs their health insurance leaves for them. This could be as much as $17,400 for a family in 2022 with copays and deductibles, but this figure doesn’t include other expenses from services the insurance won’t cover.

Fortunately, your amateur sports organization clients can help their members protect against high medical expenses from accidents with sports insurance from A-G Specialty Insurance.

Amateur Sports Insurance Through A-G Covers All the Bases, Scores a Goal, and More!

A young player at softball camp slides onto a base headfirst while protected by amateur sports insurance.When your clients offer amateur sports insurance to their member families, it’s an affordable way to alleviate the risk of medical costs the families could face if their child is injured while involved. And it could also mitigate the organization’s chance of facing liability if the family chooses to pursue litigation for financial reimbursement.

Here’s how the youth sports insurance coverage works:

  • When an athlete is injured when involved with your client’s organization, a youth sports insurance accident plan provides medical expense coverage. If the family has primary health insurance, then the accident insurance can be used to help cover deductibles, copayments, and other out-of-pocket costs that the athlete’s primary health insurance doesn’t cover. If the family doesn’t have health insurance, the benefits can help ease some of the treatment costs they’ll face.

Here are the types of plans your clients can choose, depending on their budget and goals:

  • Mandatory plans, where parents—not the organization—pay the premiums. It is required for participants to have coverage before they can practice or play.
  • Compulsory plans, where the program covers the premium. Families appreciate the care your client shows in providing this additional layer of protection to their child’s health and wellness.
  • Voluntary plans, which the programs offer, and the parent has the option to purchase. It is not required for the participants to have this coverage.

A team of young football players at sports camp gathers on the field, glad to be protected by amateur sports insurance.An A-G sports insurance specialist can help you determine which plan makes the most sense for your client’s organization to offer. All plans can be customized for each client’s unique situation.

Talk to Us About Youth Sports Insurance for Your Amateur Sports Organization Clients

At A-G Specialty Insurance, we’ve been covering K-12, intercollegiate, and youth sports organization insurance needs for nearly 40 years. We provide solutions to more than 3,000 youth sports organizations, including several National Governing Bodies. It’s our history and experience that make the difference, and we’d love to show you what we can do for your clients.

If you’re ready to speak to one of our insurance specialists, it’s easy. Just start here. We look forward to connecting soon.


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