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Jun 01, 2023

2 Ways Youth Sports Insurance Benefits Your Organization

2 Ways Youth Sports Insurance Benefits Your Organization

While you may be involved in—or have started—a youth sports organization or amateur league, chances are good you probably didn’t do it because of your love of administration. But running a youth sports organization takes work and brings with it a lot of responsibility, not the least of which is keeping young players and visitors safe.

Youth sports insurance is a solid way to protect the organization from financial risk if accidents happen to players or visitors or damage occurs to the property. So what does youth sports league insurance cover? A-G Specialty Insurance explains what you need to know.

The Top 2 Ways Youth Sports Insurance Protects Your Organization

For your organization, safety is important for different reasons and on various levels:

  • Player safety: Keeping players safe during practice and games through supervision and training.
  • Visitor safety: Keeping visitors safe on the premises with a well-kept facility and grounds.
  • Organization safety: Keeping the organization safe from liability should something happen to a player, visitor, or employee due to an accident or other incurred damage.

Ultimately, if someone or something isn’t safe, the potential for injury or other damage is heightened, with financial repercussions as the end result. Youth sports insurance through A-G offers two-way protection to help your organization handle these financial risks.

1. Participant accident insurance benefits

Young children in red & white uniforms play ice hockey while covered by amateur sports insurance. With more than 2 million children visiting emergency rooms due to sports injuries each year, accidents are an unfortunate and often unavoidable part of practices and games.

If a child is injured while involved with your organization, you may be at financial risk. Although many children may have private health insurance, they will still be responsible for covering out-of-pocket medical expenses such as deductibles and co-payments. Those expenses can add up: For 2022, they could be as much as $8,700 for individuals and $17,400 for family coverage.

That’s where A-G Specialty Insurance’ sports accident insurance benefits come into play. Families can use these benefits to pay for their out-of-pocket medical expenses. And, if the family doesn’t have private health insurance coverage, the benefits can be used to offset some of their medical costs.

There are three ways your organization can choose to offer these amateur sports insurance benefits:

  • Mandatory plans: You can require the parents to purchase the plan as part of their child’s involvement in the program.
  • Voluntary plans: You can make the insurance available to the parents for them to purchase.
  • Compulsory plans: You purchase the insurance and make it available to the players.

Whichever way your organization chooses to make these student-athlete accident insurance benefits available, it can go a long way to relieve families’ financial stress in the event of an accident and reduce the risk of them holding you liable for the expense.

2. General liability benefits

A young athlete covered by amateur sports insurance holds a lacrosse stick while the game plays in the background.Businesses and organizations use liability coverage to protect themselves if people file claims for injuries or damage that occur during an event, on the premises, or for employment.

What kinds of liability could your youth sports organization or amateur league face?

  • A parent trips on an exposed cord and falls and breaks his ankle.
  • A van hired to take players to an event gets into an accident.
  • An employee feels that they are suffering from harassment.
  • All of your equipment is ruined because of a broken pipe.
  • The roof of your facility is damaged during a storm.

These are the types of situations that general liability covers. Therefore, making it part of your youth sports insurance plan makes good fiscal and business sense to protect you from the many ways you could inadvertently face financial risk.

Insurance for All Aspects of Youth Sports Is A-G’s Specialty

With all you have to do, your time is precious. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get youth sports insurance that includes both accident and general liability benefits. We work closely with our underwriters so you get one-stop shopping for a solution that reduces your financial risk.

A-G has been protecting K-12 schools, colleges, universities, events, governing bodies, and more with customized plans for more than 40 years. You can relax knowing that you’ll have a youth sports league insurance plan that uniquely fits your organization’s needs and budget while protecting what’s most vulnerable.

Ready to learn more about youth sports insurance that scores big on benefits? Request a quote to find out more. We look forward to helping you protect your organization soon.


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